Fascists exploit London bombings

BNP Islam Out of BritainBNP leader Nick Griffin tries to make political capital out of the London bombings:

“Following the Islamic fundamentalist massacres in London, two tendencies will rapidly become apparent: First the pro-government media will swing into action, bringing out a steady stream of injured ordinary Muslims and a flood of ‘moderate’ Muslim spokesmen to condemn the extremists. Second, millions of ordinary Brits just won’t believe them, with severe extra strain on race relations as a result. And, of course, those sceptics will be right to doubt what the media and the political Establishment tell them, not least because, for all the ritual condemnation by the Labour Party puppets in the Muslim Council of Britain, a significant minority of young Muslims in this country do support the terrorists….

“It is almost inevitable that, within a week at most, the liberal intellectual newspapers in particular will be full of wailing about how the atrocities have sparked an upsurge of ‘Islamophobia’ – that piece of political cant that demonises legitimate concern about the inherently undemocratic, anti-Western nature of the Islamic religion and labels it as unthinking ‘hate’.”

Having sneered at the idea that there are moderate Muslims, accused the most representative Muslim organisation in Britain of issuing a mere “ritual condemnation” of the attacks, asserted that a “significant” number of Muslims support the atrocities and insisted that Islam is inherently anti-Western … Griffin tries to cover his tracks with the pious statement that “people should blame Blair and New Labour, rather than ordinary Muslims”.

BNP news article, 7 July 2005