Fascists recommend ‘Dispatches’ documentary

bnp-islam-poster“We rarely recommend that our readers should watch television – a mind numbing activity at the best of times but we feel compelled to suggest that readers tune into Channel 4 this evening (7th) for a Dispatches programme which tackles one of the most difficult and controversial questions facing our country today: ‘to what extent do Muslims in Britain pose a threat to this country and its values?’

“Jon Snow presents findings which C4 admit are ‘startling’. Once again we witness an establishment organisation playing ‘catch up’ to the BNP [which] was ahead of the game. As long ago as 2001 we were warning of the threat radical Islam poses to Britain and British society. In 2004 BNP Leader Nick Griffin addressed a meeting in West Yorkshire where he described Islam as a wicked faith and faces a retrial in the autumn for sounding this warning.

“The programme will help raise awareness of the serious threat we now have in our midst thanks to an open door immigration policy from successive Labour and Tory governments.”

BNP news release, 7 August 2006