Fascists take advantage of loophole in racial hatred law again

“We are all now only too familiar with the despicable practice of Muslim gangs preying on white schoolgirls in Keighley for purposes of ‘grooming’. A process leading to a life of prostitution, drug addiction and degradation for the unfortunate girls concerned. We are also equally aware of how this matter is being played down and minimalized by officialdom, purely to ‘preserve good community relations’.

“So why do Muslim gangs seek out white and/or Christian, rather than Muslim, girls to pimp and exploit? Although we know this is a question that the Muslim Council of Great Britain could answer by quoting extensively from Koranic verse, we are not naïve enough to believe that they will so do. This being yet another question about their ‘religion of peace’ they cannot, or perhaps more accurately, dare not answer.”

BNP news article, 17 November 2005