Flushing the Quran not a hate crime

“One really has to wonder about the amount of time that the New York City police department has to deal with petty crime, but considering the amount of time it is spending to prosecute a book flushing it is no wonder al Qaeda is still looking at their city. Charges against Stanislav Shmulevich, a former Pace University student, for throwing a couple of Qurans in toilets are absurd on their face, but show that too many people are afraid to upset some in the Muslim faith just to keep their towns from burning….

“Muslim students are not only being coddled by the university, but also the state of New York. Charging a young man with vandalism is fine – he threw a book owned by Pace University into a toilet, but putting him on trial in a city where the reality of Islam showed itself on September 11, 2001 seems hardly to be a rational spending of taxpayer money…. So long as crimes are done in the name of Allah it seems only logical to follow that committing an act of civil disobedience against the book where radical Muslims find their courage to kill Americans is justified….

“The Quran gives comfort, indeed permission, to radical Muslims to blow us up. Would we disallow people to have thrown away Hitler’s books or Japan’s rantings during WWII? Of course not, but our war today is being fought ineffectively because America is too sensitive about how and who we fight. Those who kill us grasp the Quran before they go to bed at night and they praise Allah at their success….

“We’ve been asking ourselves for too long how we can live life free of the burden of worrying about offending Muslims. We’ve gone so far over the top to keep the so-called Muslim street happy that we cannot just call an act of vandalism an act of vandalism. No, sir – we have to appease Muslim students by calling water logging a book that some use to justify our death and destruction a hate crime.”

Steve Yuhas at The Conservative Voice, 4 August 2007