Friday sermons to reflect on Islamophobia and urge peaceful protest

MAB logoMuslim Association of Britain called on Mosque imams around the country to use their tomorrow Friday prayer sermons to reflect on the offensive Islamophobic campaign in Europe and to urge their followings to attend the rally against Islamophobia on Saturday.

The Trafalgar Square event will be attended by figures from across public life in an attempt to provide a legitimate stage to voice concern and anger over the cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, as a terrorist.

Commenting, Anas Altikriti, spokesman for MAB said:

“The Islamophobic attitudes which have been pervading across the European continent for a sustained period have come to a head over these cartoons. There is an understandable anxiety among Muslims about where this kind of portrayal will lead. Many are rightly linking these to similar anti-Semitic caricatures over the years, which are now being used against Muslims.

“The imams will in their Friday sermons simply reinforce that we have to work with the many non-Muslims that are ready to hold hands, to create a more peaceful and respectful world. We’ll be seeing that in force no doubt on Saturday itself.”

Muslim Association of Britain press release, 9 February 2006