‘Gay slur intolerable’ say Metro letter writers, but Islamophobia is fine

Letters in the Metro (London) 5 January 2006:

The head of the Muslim Council of Britain, Sir Iqbal Sacranie, says homosexuality is “immoral” and risks “damaging society”. Unfortunately, this shows all too well that following Islam is incompatible with living in a tolerant and free society. Britain has to decide which of these two paths is the most important, or the divisions that we are increasingly experiencing will surely continue to get worse.

Tim Jones, London W2

Although I am no great gay rights activist, despite being of that persuasion myself, I couldn’t ignore the moronic and hypocritical ramblings of Sir Iqbal Sacranie. His bigoted and prejudiced comments were a bit rich coming from a religion that has advocated violence and terror on one hand, while bleating about acceptance and tolerance on the other.

Steven King, Manchester