Glasgow demo: Unite Against Islamophobia

Unite Against Islamophobia

Called by Glasgow Stop the War Coalition and Muslim Association of Britain

Saturday 21st October, 12 noon George Square, Glasgow

There is a feeding frenzy of anti-Muslim stories in the media that has contributed to taking Islamophobia to a new level:

• Jack Straw claimed that women wearing the niqab makes him feel ‘uncomfortable’ and creates social division

• John Reid lectured Muslim parents on how to bring up their children, implying that they are responsible for terrorism

• David Cameron got the headline with ‘I’ll smash Muslim ghettos’

The up-shot of this is that Muslims are being verbally assaulted and even physically attacked. Recently, a mosque in Falkirk was fire-bombed, an Imam in a Glasgow mosque was seriously attacked and a woman in England had the veil ripped from her face.

Stop the War Coalition is proud to work with the Muslim Association of Britain to stop the war and terror in Afghanistan and Iraq. We will not allow politicians to whip up hysteria against Muslims. Everyone who is against racism, scapegoating and persecution must unite together and stand shoulder to shoulder on Saturday 21st October.

No Justice No Peace!