‘Good luck, France’

“This time, they are on their own. We saved them in World War I, we fought for their towns while they declared Paris an ‘open city’ in the Second World War, and we bailed them out in Vietnam. Yet again, the French resort to a policy of appeasement which, for decades, has gotten them nothing but problems, the burden of which has often been carried by America. Now that they are dealing with jihadists in their streets, we should sit back, put our feet up, grab a few beers, and watch as our predictions materialize.

“We knew this would happen. When lax immigration rules allow a young, fresh-off-the-boat Muslim community to reach almost 10 percent of your population, you should expect nothing less than what is taking place in the streets of France…. the French government thought it necessary to vehemently oppose the U.S.-led war on Iraq in order to placate its large Muslim population. Its continuous disparagement of Israel and simultaneous accommodation of Yasser Arafat, a brute which the Bush administration had rightly chosen to ignore, can also be seen as an obvious reflection of the French’s fear of their Muslim immigrants.”

More gibbering nonsense from the US Right.

Cornell Daily Sun, 9 November 2005