Harry’s Place on MAB

“… the MAB/Muslim Brotherhood’s position isn’t foreign at all. Its old fashioned totalitarianism, with a theocratic flavour, and we’ve seen it before and fought it before. We are at a crux time. The creeping ‘mainstreaming’ of an extremist ideology has to be resisted, and it can be resisted in part by holding firm to the basic liberal traditions of pluralism, liberty and democracy. The MAB/Muslim Brotherhood’s greatest weakness is that they are an extreme organisation. However and wherever they try to disguise that we need to challenge them, as we challenge Nick Griffin’s rebranded BNP.”

David T offers us his insights into the Muslim Association of Britain.

Harry’s Place, 15 July 2005

His position on the Muslim Brotherhood is, in fact, considerably more hardline than that of the Bush administration. See here.