Hirsi Ali arrives in the US

Ayaan Hirsi AliThe Washington Post on Ayaan Hirsi Ali, newly arrived in the United States:

“Her story is told in a riveting new book, Murder in Amsterdam, by Ian Buruma, who is not alone in finding her – this ‘Enlightenment fundamentalist’ – somewhat unnerving and off-putting…. He is dismissive of the idea that she is a Voltaire against Islam: Voltaire, he says, offended the powerful Catholic Church, whereas she offends ‘only a minority that was already feeling vulnerable in the heart of Europe’.

“She, however, replies that this is hardly a normal minority. It is connected to Islam’s worldwide adherents. Living sullenly in European ‘dish cities’ – enclaves connected by satellite television and the Internet to the tribal societies they have not really left behind – many members of this minority are uninterested in assimilation into open societies…. Europe, she thinks, is invertebrate. After two generations without war, Europeans ‘have no idea what an enemy is’…. Clearly she is where she belongs, at last.”