How to save Europe from Islam

“Historian Bat Ye’or fears that it may already be too late to save Europe from Islam, and that the continent will be transformed into Eurabia. Should this come to pass, Eurabia will either slowly decline into just another overpopulated Islamic failure, or it will be used as a staging ground for Islamic aggression against the rest of the infidel world.”

But there is still hope, Wolfgang Bruno argues:

“The only way we can avoid this is by separation, by ending and reversing Muslim immigration. Muslim immigration is equivalent to playing Russian roulette with your own children. The worst case scenario is that the current trends continue unabated, triggering civil wars in several nations as the Muslim population reaches critical mass for an armed Jihad. A Balkanization of the continent would ensue. It may already be too late for the worst hit areas of Europe, but still not for the continent as whole.”, 10 May 2005

As I’ve pointed out before, an essay on Islam and women by Maryam Namazie of the Worker Communist Party of Iran is also available on this site. See here.