IHRC concern at government policy regarding the ‘Muslim Community’

“IHRC is deeply concerned at what appears to be the British government’s strategy to ‘deal with the Muslim community’. In the wake of the attacks of 7/7, Islamic belief and practice has been routinely and glibly criticised by no less than the Prime Minister himself. However more worryingly, the Muslim community has repeatedly been asked, if not ordered to ‘tackle extremism’, ‘fight the causes of extremism’ and other such tasks that are portrayed to the public at large as essential measures to combat the type of terrorism witnessed in London.

“These statements simply fuel the idea that the attacks in London were the result of a process that is understood, transparent and above all accessible to all Muslims in the UK. This simply scapegoats Muslims as the cause of terrorism and is a dangerous stereotype to promote at any level, let alone as the formulation of government policy.”

Islamic Human Rights Commission press release, 19 July 2005