‘Illegal immigration, Islam, terrorism and mass murder all linked’ – BNP

“Illegal immigration, Islam, Muslim fundamentalism terrorism and mass murder all linked – it is liberal apologists for terror who try to tell us those facts are not linked….

“From Bali, Nigeria, Chechnya, France, Spain, America, Israel, Holland, Beslan – the Islamic Jihad is a Muslim terrorist problem. As Mark Steyn wrote in The Daily Telegraph on 12th July 2005 ‘Islam has become the world’s pre-eminent incubator of terrorism at its most depraved’. The fact that the PC top cops like the homosexual Brian Paddick of the Metropolitan Police try and absurdly obfuscate the link between Islam and terrorism for politically correct reasons, the fact is that only the Liberal apologists for Islamic terrorism denies the link….

“The killers were young British born Muslims who were also racist murderers. The hatred that they inflicted upon our people was imported into this country when they and their families entered it. The British Muslim community supports them logistically and has always supported Islamic extremist groups.”

A fascist “theoretician” assesses the London bombings (grammar as in original).

BNP website, 13 July 2005