Imaan discusses Qaradawi

The Muslim lesbian and gay group Imaan was initially listed as a supporter of the anti-Qaradawi “Community Coalition”. However, it turned out that one of Imaan’s officers had signed up to the coalition without consulting the rest of the group. As a result of protests by the membership, Imaan withdrew from the coalition.

A serious and thoughtful discussion of the issues arising from the anti-Qaradawi campaign took place on the discussion board of Imaan’s website. Not a single contributor to the discussion argued favour of supporting the Community Coalition.

“If Qaradawi comes to London again and Outrage and the other racists form a campaign against him, I will be out there standing against them and I will defend him”, one Imaan member wrote. Another contributor agreed: “I add to the objections of aligning ourselves as Queer Muslims with the racists in Outrage and other such organisations.”

The prevailing view was that Outrage! and the other supporters of the anti-Qaradawi campaign were making things worse for lesbian and gay Muslims in particular and adding to the general atmosphere of Islamophobia.

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