Incoherent attack on MAB at Harry’s Place shock

Over at Harry’s Place that well-known upholder of Enlightenment rationalism David T has posted a Reuters report that Mohammed Mahdi Akef, the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, has joined Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in describing the Holocaust as a myth.

David T draws our attention to the fact that “The Muslim Brotherhood’s United Kingdom representatives are the Muslim Association of Britain, an organisation which is part of the RESPECT coalition led by the Socialist Workers’ Party, and is a founder member of the Stop the War coalition.” So we are invited to believe that MAB, Respect, the SWP and the StWC are all implicated in Holocaust denial.

Yet it seems like only yesterday that David T was quoting Jonathan Freedland’s statement that “Azzam Tamimi of the Muslim Association of Britain is to be applauded for his implicit condemnation of Ahmadinejad at the Stop the War conference at the weekend, telling his audience that, whatever their views, they could not deny the fact of the Holocaust”. David T described Freedland’s comment as “spot on”.

Never let consistency get in the way of a polemic against MAB and the anti-war movement, eh David?

Update:  See “Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood says no Holocaust denial”, Islam Online, 23 December 2005