Is Islam a threat to the West?

In a YouGov survey in August 2006 53% of those questioned felt that Islam and Muslims posed a threat to Western liberal democracy.

Why do such a large number feel this is so? Has the frequently negative media attention upon Islam and Muslims been a cause of creating this fear and mistrust in society? Or have sensitivities raised about reporting controversial issues meant the free criticism and debate has been curtailed? Does talking about these issues in the emotive press headlines generated by such a poll increase alienation or help understand it?

To discuss this and other issues Dialogue with Islam have invited the following distinguished panel:

Charles Moore, former Editor of Daily Telegraph
James O’Brien, LBC Radio Presenter
Humera Khan, An Nisa Society
Abdul-Raheem Green, Regents Park Mosque
Chair: Mark Urban, Diplomatic Editor of BBC Newsnight

Wednesday 15th November 2006
Time: 6.15pm
Venue: Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1
Tube: Holborn
Tickets £3 reservation (by email or phone) or £5 at the door.

Phone: 07983749252