Is Islam compatible with a republic?

“Is Islam compatible with a republic? With Islamic radicalism running rampant both in America and throughout the West, all people of goodwill and those who love liberty must emphatically answer, No! With this said, what will America do about the enemies in our midst? Continue to put our heads in the sand and ape the idiotic rantings from the propaganda press? – ‘Islam is a religion of peace’; ‘Islam welcomes all faiths’; ‘George W. Bush is the biggest enemy of freedom, not al-Qaida’; and other asinine babblings of the political left, or will real men rise up, demand that the FBI put every mosque and imam in America under constant surveillance (as J. Edgar Hoover would have done) and find out what is really going on with our Muslim friends here in America?”

Ellis Washington in World Net Daily, 24 March 2007