‘Islam is an enemy of Christianity’ says former Danish government minister

Islam in Europe draws our attention to a controversy in Copenhagen over the future of churches in the city that have fallen into disuse. The suggestion by one pastor that the buildings could be used by Muslims, Buddhists or Hindus apparently caused an outcry.

Morten Skrubbeltrang, secretary of the foundation that owns half the churches due to be closed, rejected the proposal that they should be sold to Muslims or other non-Christian faith communities, stating that he “fears there will be public resistance if a church is converted into a mosque”.

In an email to the Berlingske news agency former government minister Birthe Rønn Hornbech reportedly backed Skrubbeltrang’s opposition to non-Christian faiths taking over the buildings – particularly in the case of Islam, which she described as an enemy of Christianity.

Hornbech was forced to resign from her position as minister for integration last year following the revelation that her ministry had with her knowledge unlawfully refused citizenship to young stateless Palestinians living in Denmark.