‘Islamists use raid to stir up UK Somalis’

“Islamic extremists are exploiting American air strikes in Somalia to try to recruit British Somalis to their cause. Hizb ut-Tahrir, a global Islamic group whose activities are currently proscribed in Germany, Russia and Pakistan, was last week circulating leaflets in London, accusing the US of state-sponsored terrorism…. In August 2005, Tony Blair said he would ban Hizb ut-Tahrir, but the plans were reportedly shelved last year after officials said there was insufficient evidence to support a ban and that action might inflame Islamic extremism.”

Sunday Telegraph, 14 January 2007

And what is the extreme action that HT is accused of? The Sunday Telegraph reports that “the organisation plans to demonstrate outside the US embassy next Saturday”! It would appear that, as far as the Torygraph is concerned, peaceful protest is to be condemned, whereas killing over a hundred Somali civilians in what can only be described as acts of state terrorism doesn’t merit a word of criticism.

Read HT’s statement on the US airstrikes in Somalia here.