‘Islamofascism poses a serious and imminent threat’

“I was phoned by a contact of mine last week. Won’t mention his name. He’s the director of a pressure group, prominent in the media, well-connected and desperately scared – and I really mean scared – that racial war is breaking out in Britain…. he wasn’t talking about white racism; he was talking about Asian racism, British Asian racism…. Hatred of white people (and black people) is, he insisted, rampant among Britain’s Asian community and Islamofascism poses a serious and imminent threat to public order.

“This was not a Tory MP or a member of the BNP, but a rational, well-connected, media-friendly liberal intellectual. And he is not alone. A number of politicians are getting worried too, like the north of England left-wing Labour MP Ann Cryer who spoke out last week about the subjugation of Asian women and the growth of extremism.”

Iain MacWhirter in the Sunday Herald, 7 August 2005

Update:  Read Sohaib Saeed’s response here.