IUMS to issue fatwa against UK over Muslim Brotherhood inquiry

International Union for Muslim Scholars

Sources from the International Union of Muslim Scholars have stated that over 50 of its senior members from various countries are preparing to issue a fatwa against Britain in the event that the government takes measures against the Muslim Brotherhood. A committee appointed by Prime Minister David Cameron has been tasked to investigate the movement.

The sources also told Asrararabiya that the fatwa will call for the boycott of British goods and services as well as urging Arab tourists not to travel to Britain. If the report issued by the committee is negative, they said, the fatwa will consider it to be “a declaration of war against the Islamic communities and organisations in Britain and Europe and will fuel discrimination against Muslims worldwide.”

Those preparing the fatwa hope that thousands of their fellow Islamic scholars from all over the world, including the West, will sign it, allowing the legal opinion to reach a larger group of Muslims.

In early April, Cameron ordered the formation of a committee made up of officers from the MI5 and MI6 intelligence services to investigate the claims promoted by the Egyptian government that the Muslim Brotherhood is involved in terrorist acts. The British government will make a decision regarding the Brotherhood based on the report prepared by the committee, which is expected to be issued by the end of June.

It is worth noting that if a boycott of Britain and its goods is called for by a fatwa, it could mean that the large numbers of Arab tourists who visit Britain annually may be affected and decide to go elsewhere. In addition, business deals between the UK and the Gulf, which is considered one of Britain’s most important partners, may be affected if British goods are boycotted and the demand for them falls.

MEMO, 16 May 2014