Jihadists strike at Newton Flotman

For Islamic terrorists intent on the destruction of western civilisation, there is no escape from the all-seeing eye of Jihad Watch.

Continuing his relentless pursuit of jihadists, even to the depths of rural East Anglia, our friend Robert Spencer has picked up on a news item from the EDP24 website (“the site where Norfolk really matters”). It reports that a “saboteur cut train signalling and fibre optic cables at two points near Newton Flotman, south of Norwich, and went to great efforts to throw investigators off the scent”.

Who could have done such a thing? Robert leaps to the obvious conclusion – it’s likely the work of Al Muhajiroun!

Jihad Watch, 20 June 2005

The fact that Al Muhajiroun dissolved itself over a year ago and no longer exists is of course a minor quibble.