Kilroy-Silk defends ‘freedom of speech’

Kilroy-Silk“Freedom of speech is an imperative part of British society, and it must stay that way. That message was conveyed by the outspoken Euro MP Robert Kilroy-Silk at the annual Magen David Adom dinner, which raised more than £300,000. He told guests at Mere Golf and Country Club: ‘There is a growing insidious belief in Britain that we can’t say what we want. Free speech is paramount to a democratic state.’ Mr Kilroy-Silk also criticised Muslim states for their backward laws. He said: ‘They cut people’s hands off, they behead people and they behave abominably towards women’. But the former talkshow host was full of praise for Israel. ‘It’s the only democratic state in a region of tyranny,’ he said.”

Jewish Telegraph, 10 March 2006

Hat tip: Charlie Pottins