Liberals and takfir

Qaradawi2“Declaring takfir on the jihadist leaders is the rhetorical equivalent of fighting terror with terror. The practice of takfir is the hallmark of the most radical, totalitarian fringe of Islamism: the assumption of the right to unilaterally declare a Muslim a non-Muslim and thereby condemn him or her to death (literally or figuratively). Any vision of a liberal or moderate Islamism should reject takfir on principle.”

Marc Lynch goes on to criticise MEMRI’s “exposure” of Yusuf al-Qaradawi for his refusal to call for the excommunication of Bin Laden: “His rejection of the act of takfir, even when it might be politically expedient to do otherwise, should be applauded for what it is: an important stand for moderation and against extremism.”

Abu Aardvark blog, 17 November 2005