‘London Muslims overwhelmingly oppose gays’

Pink News reports: “An in-depth survey into the attitudes of Muslims living in London has revealed that less than 5% think homosexual acts are ‘acceptable’, compared with over 65% of the general population The Gallup poll, reported in The Times, found that Muslims differed significantly with the rest of the capital’s population in their attitudes to a range of social questions.”

Whereas London’s Orthodox Jewish community or practising Roman Catholics would of course be vocal in their support for gay sex. You sometimes wonder whether Benjamin Cohen’s body has been occupied by the spirit of Pim Fortuyn.

For a more balanced assessment of the Gallup poll, see Michael Binyon in the Times, 17 April 2007

Though over at the Centre for Social Cohesion David Conway suggests that Binyon’s piece is yet another example of how Saudi gold has corrupted both the Times and the Gallup Organization. Melanie Phillips is impressed by Conway’s analysis.