MAB complains to the CRE over Times article

MAB logoIn today’s The Times, Anthony Browne, a renowned Zionist Right-wing commentator who has made his campaign to attack Muslims and their faith in the most despicable manner, wrote another disgusting attack under the title ‘Fundamentally, We’re Useful Idiots’.

In his article, Browne chose to go out ‘all guns blazing’ and accuse Muslims of being the Nazis and Fascists of today, treating all others with disdain and considering them ‘sub-humans’. On more than one occasion, Browne wrote of the ‘similarities’ between Muslims and Hitler and also stated that the Eminent Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi is a moderate ‘in the same way that Mussolini was’.

It is clear that Anthony Browne has chosen to go beyond the pale and to blatantly accuse Muslims and particularly MAB of being fascists and Nazis. The magnitude of his statement regarding Sheikh Qaradawi can only be measured if one were to imagine the Pope being accused of being a Nazi, and the outcry and outrage that would generate.

Anas Altikriti, speaking on behalf of MAB stated earlier: “The Muslim Association of Britain will be forwarding an official complaint to the Commission of Racial Equality (CRE), and have written a letter to The Times in response to the article. “However, it is also vital that British Muslims contact The Times to sound their disgust of Anthony Browne and the hate-fuelled discourse he promotes. “At a time when all Muslims come under immense pressure from all corners through no fault of their own, Browne’s article can only lead to more hate, division and even violence against Muslims throughout the country.”

MAB press release, 1 August 2005