MAB response to ‘preachers of hate’

MAB logo“In the aftermath of the London bombings Tony Blair called on the Muslims to tackle hate preachers in their community. While the Muslim community has been under tremendous pressure to act against a possible few who advocate hatred and mass murder, the government seems to ignore individuals who preach hatred of Islam and Muslims.

“The level and extent of incitement of hatred against Islam and Muslims by some individuals and by certain sections of the media have risen substantially in the last few weeks. Unsurprisingly this has coincided with a phenomenal rise in hate crimes against Muslims around the UK.  We are forced to think that if such blanket hatred was aimed at another community the government would have been quick to react to it, but the government’s inability to do so raises serious questions among the Muslim community.”

The Muslim Association of Britain responds to recent articles by Anthony Browne, Jonathan Freedland and Patrick Sookhdeo.

MAB news release, 2 August 2005