MAB urges Home Secretary to be consistent

The Muslim Association of Britain today said that the Home Secretary Charles Clarke should try any terrorist suspects in the UK rather than deporting them. The organisation also queried what the definition of “terror” would be when judging if someone had “justified” or “glorified” it abroad.

Ahmed Al-Sheikh, President of MAB said:

“It’s only right that if someone is suspected of a crime that they should be tried for it. By saying the government is simply going to deport people instead, it leaves the suspicion that they are trying to appear tough on the issue. In reality, it’s not a very clever policy. To fight terrorism, the government needs to win hearts and minds through serious engagement and dialogue rather than introducing draconian measures which will alienate communities and erode civil liberties.

“One added complication seems to be the definition of terror which Mr Clarke has consistently avoided. We are concerned that recently the government has branded legitimate struggles against oppression and occupation as terrorism. This should not be the case, but if it is, then anyone glorifying or justifying the killings on the side of illegal military occupiers should also be guilty of inciting terror. There should not be a different moral standard whether the killing is carried out by homemade bombs or by F16s and tanks.”

MAB press release, 24 August 2005