Mad Mel and the BNP on the clash of civilisations

Taking up the report in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph, Melanie Phillips announces that “France is currently under violent siege from the jihad – and buckling under the onslaught”. This supposedly demolishes the claim that last year’s French riots were “about poverty and unemployment and other such sub-Marxist claptap” – they were “actually all about French Muslims declaring their turf to be no-go areas for the French state”.

Melanie Phillips’s Diary, 6 October 2006

Mel’s co-thinkers in the British National Party concur: “The 21st century clash of civilisations is leading to bloodshed on the streets of Paris … with police officers being daily injured in rioting by Islamics.” The fascists predict: “The security authorities across western Europe have so far only had a mere glimpse of what horrors the next decade will deliver to their respective nation states. The sheer stupidity and criminality of the political leaders who have allowed an army of Islamic fifth columnists into our host nations will be repaid by chaos, death and destruction but it will be the ordinary voters who suffer; not those responsible for bringing about the apocalyptic end of Europe.”

BNP news article, 5 October 2006