Mail changes inaccurate headline about Muslims and honour violence

Tabloid Watch examines the Daily Mail‘s shock-horror headline “More than two thirds of young British Muslims believe ‘honour’ violence is acceptable, survey reveals”, which misreported the findings of a ComRes opinion poll.

This headline was subsequently replaced with “‘Honour’ violence is acceptable, say one in five young British Asians”. However, as Tabloid Watch points out and as we noted at the time, even that figure is based on a one-sided interpretation of the poll.

Tabloid Watch also observes that the Mail‘s change of headline “came too late, however, to stop their original headline being repeated on countless anti-Islam forums and blogs”.

Furthermore: “The day after MailOnline wrongly claimed ‘two thirds of young British Muslims believe ‘honour’ violence is acceptable’ it won Newspaper Website of the Year at the Press Awards.”