Mail discovers ‘Veil teacher link to 7/7 bomber’

“The Muslim teacher suspended for refusing to work without her veil is connected to a hardline mosque where the ringleader of the July 7 bombers worshipped, it has emerged.

“The family of classroom assistant Aishah Azmi, 24, plays a key role at the fundamentalist Markazi mosque in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire – which was attended by suicide bomber Mohammed Sidique Khan. Until recently, Miss Azmi’s father was joint headmaster of the secondary school attached to the building. The family are known to worship there and may have encountered Khan before his terrorist act.”

Daily Mail, 21 October 2006

Well, if Sidique Khan did attend the same mosque (and given the gulf that separated his methods from the apolitical approach of Tablighi Jamaat, I’ve always thought that was questionable) I suppose they might have met him. However, given that the Dewsbury Markaz holds 3000 people, statistically the chances of bumping into him would have been rather slight. As attempts to imply guilt by association go, this really is the pits.