Man ‘killed by Islamic zealots’

“It’s a chilling story: A man was shot five times in the head at close range in an ‘execution’ plotted by a group who had failed to convert him to Islam, a jury has heard. Where did this happen? Saudi Arabia? Iran? Egypt? Pakistan? Nope. Try Great Britain. Islamic intimidation and contempt for those who reject Islam comes to the sceptered isle.” Thus Robert Spencer on a new Islamic threat to western civilisation.

Dhimmi Watch, 7 September 2005

What Spencer doesn’t bother to mention is that the group concerned is a criminal gang of Afro-Caribbean youths who have adopted the name of the “Muslim boys”. They present a serious problem from the standpoint of gun crime in South London’s black community. But the idea that they have anything to do with Islam in any meaningful sense of the term is an absurdity.