Maududi: ‘the man behind the bombings’

Mawlana Mawdudi“His followers were exhorted to extreme behaviour. ‘Your puritanic behaviour should become repugnant to your wives. You should become a stranger in your own country.’ Maududi is indeed winning his ideological war when Londoners read in their Evening Standard that it was the very families of the bombers who rang the bomb helpline to find out where their own sons were. Maududi’s thinking lives on in Britain in the minds of the young, through small study groups up and down the country. The Islamic Foundation was led, after its founding, by a man who had been the Vice President of the organization Maududi founded in Pakistan.”

Jenny Taylor in the Church of England Newspaper, 19 August 2005

Another attempt to implicate Britain’s mainstream Muslim organisations in the London bombings, this one on the basis of a supposed link through the ideas of Maulana Maududi.