MCB and MAB defend multiculturalism

The Muslim Council of Britain said today there was “no contradiction” between having a multicultural society and achieving integration. Responding to a call for a rethink on multiculturalism by shadow home secretary David Davis, the MCB said it fully supported integration but being a good Muslim necessarily meant being a good British citizen. Spokesman Inayat Bunglawala told the Conservative party should first look at itself and “consider the lack of Muslims in the parliamentary party”.

The Muslim Association of Britain attacked the suggestion by David Davis that multiculturalism should be rethought in the wake of the London terror attacks. Spokesman Anas Altikriti told that people in the UK should be proud of the country’s diversity. “The Tory party seems to believe that we should rid ourselves of something we take great pride in, but our multi-layered identity makes us richer, better and stronger as a nation,” he said.

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