‘Me? An Islamophobic bigot?’ Richard Littlejohn is offended

richard liittlejohnA characteristically thoughtful and informed comment from Richard Littlejohn in today’s Daily Mail:

“With exemplary tact and exquisite timing, the ‘leader’ of Britain’s Muslims chose the eve of the fifth anniversary of 9/11 to warn that we are facing the threat of two million home-grown Islamic terrorists. The preposterous, self-aggrandising ‘secretary-general’ of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), Muhammad Abdul Bari, predicted an angry backlash against what he perceives as widespread ‘Islamophobia’ in this country.

“To be honest, I did wonder whether it was worth even dignifying this garbage with a reaction, especially when it comes from a man who appears to wear a ginger wig with a grey beard. But someone’s got to do it.

“Bari and his sidekicks are regularly wheeled out as the authentic voice of ‘moderate’ Islam. Their victimhood shtick is treated as gospel by broadcasters and they are taken seriously by government ministers and senior police officers. They never miss an opportunity to advance their own agenda. It always the same old song. They utterly condemn terrorism, you understand, but unless we give them exactly what they want, they can’t be held responsible for the actions of the more excitable members of their community.

“Criticise them and you are damned as an ‘Islamophobe’. When I described the MCB as a ‘self-appointed bunch of chancers’ a few weeks ago, Bari’s ridiculous Mr Bean-lookalike press officer Inayat Bunglawala wrote accusing me of being a bigot.”

Now, where could Inayat possibly have got that idea from? As for the “self-appointed” accusation, the MCB has over 400 affiliates and the leadership is of course elected every two years. And the “threat of two million home-grown Islamic terrorists” bit is just based on a misunderstanding of what Dr Bari said. As I understood his remarks, he was saying that there was a risk of treating Britain’s entire Muslim community as though they were terrorists (see here). Not that two million Muslims were about to turn themselves into suicide bombers.