Media blasted for blind eye to white terrorism

Lee JasperLeading race campaigner Lee Jasper attacked the British media for “double standards” after the case of two white far-right activists arrested over a massive suspected bomb-making operation was ignored. Jasper, secretary of the National Assembly Against Racism, contrasted the virtually non-existent coverage given to the alleged terrorism haul with the media firestorm around Muslim terrorism.

Jasper said the lack of attention give to this story contrasted with the way any hint of Muslim terrorism sends the media into over-drive. He said: “The level of Islamophobic press coverage stands in stark contrast to the complete disregard shown for the possibly the biggest act of terrorism ever planned. One can only imagine what the coverage would have been like if the suspects had been Muslim. This amounts to racist double-standards where the media seeks to vilify Muslims while ignoring those who are allegedly engaged in acts of racial terrorism.”

BLINK news report, 11 October 2006