Melanie Phillips finds a Muslim she likes

Irshad Manji Trouble With IslamMelanie Phillips can hardly restrain her enthusiasm for “Muslim refusenik” Irshad Manji, author of The Trouble With Islam, who recently visited Britain to much media acclaim.

Our Melanie expresses her doubts that Islam, unlike Judaism or Christianity, can ever be made compatible with individual liberty, even by Irshad Manji. “But her cause is the key to the future, and all of us who love freedom should give Irshad Manji – and all the other courageous Muslim refuseniks struggling towards the light – unequivocal backing in this war for civilisation.”

Jewish Chronicle, 20 May 2005

Well, Irshad Manji certainly has all the right people on her side – in addition to Melanie Phillips, there’s Daniel PipesAnthony BrowneFront Page Magazine … oh, and Peter Tatchell.