Melanie Phillips on the threat of global jihad (again)

Mad Mel has just seen the Islamophobic “documentary” Obsession: Radical Islam’s War With the West and cannot restrain her enthusiasm:

“It should be made compulsory viewing for every politician and pundit who clings to the misguided belief that all we face is terrorism rooted in various grievances around the world. It is the single most powerful and terrifying public exposition of the fact that a global Islamic jihad is now being waged from Bali to Istanbul, from Chechnya to Madrid, from Morocco to Manhattan, from Thailand to Bloomsbury – and that the world that is under attack is deeply in denial about what it is facing. More than that, this film shows in graphic and undeniable detail that this jihad is a direct descendant of Nazism…. Some of the footage in this film leaves you speechless.”

Ah, if only that were true.

Melanie Phillips’s Diary, 7 November 2006

For an alternative view, by Sheila Musaji of The American Muslim, see here.