Message from Mackenzie to Muslims – stop trying to kill me

kelvin mackenzie“I am becoming increasingly irritated at being told that we must not do anything to ‘alienate’ Muslim communities. I wonder if we could look at it from another perspective: Could the Muslims stop alienating me and, more importantly, trying to kill me?

“Let’s get one thing clear. The vast majority of this country have done nothing but welcome people to these shores no matter how evil their background and religion. And how have we been repaid? Instead of being thanked for taking them from their poverty-striken villages in Pakistan a minority of second generation Muslims try to change our way of life to their backward and prehistoric view of humanity. It’s time we stood up to them….

“The suicide bombers come from one ethnic group. Terrorist leaders may wise up one day and start persuading white people to carry out their slaughter but until then what is the point of wasting precious resources on the overwhelming majority in this country…..

“Certainly I would like to see some young Muslims in this country restricted from flying to Pakistan. And if they did go they would have to wear electronic tags so that intelligence authorities would be able to keep track of them. If these guys had nothing to hide why would they care? Even if it is an infingement of personal liberty, surely that’s better than the ultimate infringement – mass murder.”

Kelvin MacKenzie in The Sun, 17 August 2006