More Islamophobic crap from Tribune

Tribune joins the witch-hunt against Adam Yosef. Deputy editor Barckley Sumner mainly restricts himself to parroting Outrage’s stupid press release portraying Adam Yosef as a violent racist homophobe. But Sumner goes further, suggesting that Adam Yosef’s NUJ card should be withdrawn. Yosef’s article on Birmingham Pride is of course entirely ignored, as it wouldn’t fit in with Sumner’s own bigotry. Unfortunately this is par for the course with Tribune. We have already drawn attention to the magazine’s recent disgraceful attack on the Muslim Association of Britain. Sumner and his friends appear intent on destroying any remaining credibility the Labour Party has among British Muslims.

Furore follows Respect man’s gay attack

By Barckley Sumner

Tribune, 20 January 2006

The Respect coalition has failed to condemn one of its leading members following a racist and homophobic outburst.

Last week, Adam Yosef, a leading member of Respect wrote a column in the Asian entertainment weekly Desi Xpress entitled “Hate Filled Bigots” in which he compared leading human and gay rights activist Peter Tatchell, to fascist leader Nick Griffin and Omar Bakri Mohammed, the leader of Al-Muhajiron [sic].

Labelling Mr Tatchell as “vile”, under the strapline: “What’s the hate mongerer up to”, Mr Yosef attacked him for criticising Respect luminaries George Galloway, Salma Yaqoob and Mohammed Naseem. Mr Yosef omitted to mention that he has undertaken press and public relations work for both Dr Naseem and Ms Yaqoob.

In concluding his attack on Mr Tatchell, Mr Yosef suggested that physical violence should be meted out and made several homophobic and racist references.

He said Mr Tatchell “needs a good slap in the face to help him figure out what he stands for and whom he represents. Maybe he should attempt arresting Mugabe again, that would be worth seeing.”

Mr Yosef added that it was time Mr Tatchell “realised his craving for attention will not in any way help the gay community and so him and his queer campaign army should pack their bent bags and head back to Australia… where hate and racism seems to be back in style.”

John Rees of Respect refused to comment on Mr Yosef’s article, saying he had not read it. When he was offered a faxed copy, he vigorously declined. Mr Rees said: “Gay and lesbian equality is included in all our policies. Does the Labour Party do the same thing?”

Mr Yosef, who also works for BBC Online and BBC Birmingham, could face repercussions over his article.

The NUJ code of conduct states: “A journalist shall mention a person’s age, sex, race, colour creed, illegitimacy, disability, martial status, or sexual orientation only if this information is strictly relevant. A journalist shall neither originate nor process material which encourages discrimination, ridicule, prejudice or hatred on any of the above mentioned grounds.”

In an official statement Desi Xpress, said: “We would like to apologise to Peter Tatchell and the gay community for the offence and distress caused by comments written by Adam Yosef. Due to an oversight, these comments passed through our tight editorial guidelines.”

Mr Yosef apologised if his article appeared to incite violence against Mr Tatchell.

He said: “I would like to stress that in no way are the comments an incitement of violence being instigated against Mr Tatchell. I do not support or promote any such violence.”