More on Outrage! and Qaradawi

Further to Outrage’s widely circulated, but entirely false, accusation that Yusuf al-Qaradawi called for the Crown Prince of Qatar to be stoned to death, anyone who wants an illustration of the sort of racist bigotry provoked by Outrage’s Islamophobic propaganda should take a look at the discussion of the Outrage press release at

A thread entitled “More Muslim savagery” contains this exchange of views:

“Is it just me or is anyone else sick to death of islam and it being constantly on our news and current affairs progs??? The murderers who placed those bombs on the London tubes and buses have certainly achieved one thing : to barrage us with endless islamic bullshit.”

“I totally agree with you. All the late night chat shows are now propoganda about how peaceful and tolerant Islam is!? If you believe that you’ll believe anything! Like that programme fronted by terry Christian on C4 in the week, ‘Sharia TV’, where we have to sit and listen to a load of Islamic (so called) moderates telling us how wonderful Islam is!? It makes me sick. Now this is a Christian country (at the moment) why not some late night programmes about Christianity or Judaism for a change instead of all this Islamic rubbish??????”

Another thread features the following exchange:

“Why don’t we set up a stoning of our own. Grab as many Moslems as you can find, take them to Trafalgar Square and announce that they will be publicly stoned for some trumped up charge, say adultary, then go down to Brighton and collect a few bucket load of stones and invite the audience to chuck a stone for Allah!… I firmly believe that Moslems clearly have an execution fetish and need help for it. Hangings, stonings, beheadings, whippings all sounds kinky to me!!!! Why the hell don’t these advocates of execution and torture get themselves off to the nearest rent boy who will fulfill their fetish, get a bloody good whipping and leave the rest of us alone! in peace?”

“Robert, dear, what self-respecting rent boy would want to provide Muslims a service? Anyway, goats are more up their street.”