‘Moslems censor American speech’

“Recently, the Mohammedans won a coup getting a conservative talk show host, Michael Graham, fired from WMAL-AM, an ABC Radio affiliate…. The Muslims got Graham for telling the truth. It’s going to get a lot worse. More Americans must speak in public with a lot more of the painful truth of Islam. This historical truth is so politically incorrect it shouts down the public pandering from the President down to not dare offend oh-so-sensitive Muslims. Like, Islam is a (or do they insist it is ‘the’?) Religion of Peace. If Islam is a Religion of Peace then Aztec Paganism was the Religion of Mercy…. Muslim armies killed, raped, and destroyed more in their conquests against Christians, Pagans and Hindus than all the Crusades put together…. And Islamic Civilization is 800 years behind Western Civilization. By any measure that you mark Islam is as far behind the West as the Germanic Tribes were behind Rome. Islamic Civilization is barbaric compared to West. Truth isn’t Islamophobia.”

James A. Bowden rallies to the defence of poor victimised Michael Graham. Mind you, on this evidence he probably regards Graham as a bit of a liberal Islamophile.

MichNews.com, 31 August 2005