MP wants to extend NSW face coverings legislation to Queensland – but claims he isn’t targeting Muslims

A Sunshine Coast MP says he may be accused of discrimination in wanting stricter identification laws in Queensland.

Independent Peter Wellington plans to introduce a Private Member’s Bill into State Parliament this afternoon requiring people wearing face coverings or motorbike helmets to remove them when needed for identification. Mr Wellington says the proposal is modelled on recent legislation in New South Wales and can be used by police, court and prison staff and JPs. He says the law is not meant to target women who wear burkas.

“It’s not about trying to discriminate against different religions,” he said. “What it’s saying very clearly … in Queensland there’s one law for everyone. There’s one indisputable standard of cooperation that we all have to abide by and that is if the police want to identify you for a range of purposes you have to reveal your face.”

ABC News, 13 October 2011