Multiculturalism, terror and shariah

osama saeed 2“The argument of the government goes roughly as follows. Asians have lived parallel lives in this country for too many years, and because of this segregation, they care nothing at all for white people and are thus quite willing to blow them up on public transport.

“This is simply not true. For one, Al-Qaeda have regard for nobody’s lives, and white people should not take it personally. US, UK, and Australian targets have been hit in Muslim countries, resulting in the deaths of many hundreds of their co-religionists. For Al-Qaeda, there are no rules to the game. They kill, and it doesn’t matter about your creed or colour in pursuit of their goals.

“The second count on which it’s not true is that it bears no resemblance to the bombers we know about to date. Richard Reid the shoebomber was a white convert. The July bombers all spoke English. One was a teaching assistant, one worked in his father’s fish-and-chip shop, one was married to a white Englishwoman, and one was known to have gone on wild drinking binges (thus passing Jon Snow’s integration test).”

Osama Saeed at Rolled Up Trousers, 28 August 2006