Municipal deputy urges Moscow ban on hijab

Municipal deputy of the Yakimanka District Dmitry Zakharov is going to address Moscow mayor Sergey Sobyanin with a request to ban wearing hijab in city. The author of the initiative answers the questions.

“I believe it is not right for any religious formation to demand special attitude. In fact, hijab is outer manifestation of such demand. It’s no good, I think we need to ban wearing it in public places: in the streets, in state and educational establishments,” Zakharov said in his interview published by the Metro daily.

He notes that even in such Islamic countries as Tunisia and Algeria hijab is banned in state institutions and schools. “We’d better follow this example today or we’ll have even greater problems in the future. Hijab is only commencing the cultural expansion,” the MP believes.

According to him, hijab will prevent people from integration. “For instance, if a girl wears hijab to school, it’s more likely that girls in her class won’t communicate with her. And even more likely, she won’t be able to communicate with the boys there. So after graduation we will get an alien, rather than a child integrated in the society,” Zakharov said.

Interfax, 7 November 2013