Muslim prayer room signs vandalised at King’s College London

King's Muslim prayer room vandalism

Muslim prayer room signs have been vandalised at Guy’s campus, with one sign having “Muslim” scratched out and other with a “#jewish” sticker over the same word.

Students, who spotted the signs last night, have expressed fear of “threats and violence” that may be used against them from the blade used to deface the board. The College has been called on to look through CCTV to find those responsible, in what has been described as a “clear violation of safe space policy”.

Sebastiaan Debrouwere, President of the university Students’ Union, said: “This defacement is awful and disgraceful, and in no way furthers the healthy climate of interfaith dialogue we strive for on campus. We will be raising this issue with College and asking the university to follow up on it with the greatest expediency.”

The incidents come after a controversial BDS motion was passed at this week’s Student General Meeting. However, there is currently no proof as to whether the two events are connected.

Third year History undergrad Aysha Al-Fekaiki said: “Students have a right to bring forward motions to council that they feel represent their views, and not bear any consequences of religious hatred or Islamophobia for doing so. This asks us to question how we can fight Islamophobia in order to create a safe and non-threatening space for Muslim students on our campuses.”

King’s College London were yet to respond at the time of publication.

Roar!, 28 March 2014

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