Muslims are trying to integrate, despite New Labour’s best efforts

“The latest Government proposals to resolve the problems of extremism by encouraging integration into British society are flawed and disingenuous. Not only are they predicated on a wrong understanding on the sources of extremism, repeating Blair’s view that Muslims have no legitimate grievances against the West, they also are not ultimately geared towards the promotion and enhancement of civic-mindedness amongst Muslims….

“In spite of the actions of New Labour, whose participation in foreign crusades and targeting of the domestic Muslim community has led to the dissatisfaction that we have heard and seen so much of, Muslims have taken a lead role in civil society groups and institutions. Muslims have helped establish and participated in voluntary organisations, anti imperialist associations such as the Stop the War coalition, media monitoring and pressure groups like the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, and charitable bodies which help the needy at home and abroad.”

An interesting and wide-ranging article by Nasser Amin, on the BLINK website, 5 September 2006