Muslims can never be British say fascists, citing Dispatches programme

BNP Islam Out of Britain“Gordon Brown today signalled that his first task as Prime Minister would be to get Muslims to rally around a ‘Churchillian’ pride in Britain. Admitting that he expected to take over from Tony Blair this year, the Chancellor said that he wanted to promote a ‘modern patriotism’ as an alternative to Islamic extremism. Mr. Brown said: ‘I believe we can do more to separate some Muslims from the dark forces that they can be susceptible to.’

“His apparent lack of understanding of the word ‘patriotism’ is a characteristic symbol of the vapid thinking of desperate liberal-leftists clinging onto power. Patriotism is loyalty to one’s own country and one’s own nation. Muslims can never be part of the British family of nations – they will always be outsiders because that is the basis of their faith, thus any attempt, which Brown doesn’t detail, to force Muslims to be patriotic to Britain is futile from the outset.

“Clearly Gordo didn’t get to see the C4 Dispatches documentary broadcast on Monday evening. The voice of ‘moderate’ Muslims in that programme confirmed what many have known for a long time. One is either a Muslim or one isn’t. There are no moderate or extremist Muslims, all Muslims believe in the writings of the Prophet laid down in the Koran and accept the struggle to achieve total domination of the world’s free people under the embrace of Islam.”

BNP news article, 19 January 2007