‘Muslims feel like victims. The West feels guilty. Is the world going mad?’

Gerard Baker supports racial/religious profiling as long as it is “carried out properly and indeed respectfully”. He continues:

“But to argue, as is now common, that it is another example of harassment of and discrimination against Muslims by an increasingly aggressive and hostile State and society, is not only a bit rich. It sounds disturbing like another example of what is becoming a dangerous pathology among many Muslims – to wallow in a self-imposed and eagerly embraced status of victimhood. This condition places the blame for every ill in their lives, in their communities, in the West and in the countries of the Middle East, on the imperialist oppression of the white man, the American and, of course, the Jew, never once stopping to consider even the possibility that their plight might be, in part at least, their own making….

“The failure of Palestinians to create an orderly and successful society is blamed on ‘the occupation’. The failure of many Muslims in Europe, especially in Britain, to integrate effectively is laid at the feet of a white racist society that excludes them…. Of course, this celebration of victimhood plays to the West’s deep sense of guilt, producing a fearful complementarity that makes today’s crisis so potent – a civilisation all too willing to accept the blame for the woes of a people all too willing to blame them.”

Times, 1 September 2006