Muslims should stop whingeing about Islamophobia – Jon Gaunt

Jon_Gaunt“When pasty-faced fat white blokes start blowing planes out of the sky in protest at the Government’s anti-obesity guidelines then I will be the first in the queue to be profiled and frisked. I’ll assume the position quicker than George Michael on Hampstead Heath.

“But until then I’m afraid young Muslim men should stop bleating about Islamophobia and racism and get used to the idea that if we are going to get our airports back to any sense of normality then they are the people who will be more likely to be stopped and searched.

“I don’t understand the fuss about the Monarch passengers who refused to fly with two blokes acting suspiciously on a flight from Malaga. We’ve been told to be vigilant and that’s what these people were being. Now the usual suspects are accusing them of paranoia, racism and Islamophobia….

“If Islam, as we are repeatedly told, really does mean peace then why aren’t the million-and-a-half moderates demonstrating that on London’s streets? I’m sure that the terrorists’ mate and fanatics’ friend Ken Livingstone could donate Trafalgar Square for a rally. He could even divert a bit of funding away from flying in mad Muslim clerics who want to slaughter gays and justify suicide bombings in Israeli pizza parlours, to help pay for peace banners.

“Of course there’s more chance of me going to paradise and deflowering 72 virgins than this happening.

“Despite being told since 9/11 that this isn’t a war against Islam I’m increasingly feeling as if Islam is engaged in a real and propaganda war against us and our way of life….

“John Reid now wants to bypass the Human Rights Act and intern terror suspects. He should go further and rip up the Act, secure our borders, investigate every young Muslim who has been to Pakistan and immediately stop the farce of airline restrictions for all and replace it with ethnic and religious profiling.”

Jon Gaunt in The Sun, 22 August 2006